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We help people design and conduct on line studies using Real Time Delphi and other techniques that are based on collection and synthesis of opinions of groups of people, often groups of invited experts. This includes custom, hands on work with the clients to design the questionnaires, help select participants, and handle the information flow. Most of our studies have been in the form of Real Time Delphi’s; other possibilities include polls, and crowdsourcing. Many studies can be running in parallel and thousands of respondents can be accommodated.

The participants can answer when ever and from where ever they wish, from a board room or a class room anywhere in the world. When they sign in again they can see and change their old answers if they wish. In some designs they can get feedback from the group as it moves toward or away from consensus. All in real time. And the questionnaires carry no advertising.

Studies can be presented in a language selected by each participant from a list of about 100 languages. Data are compiled in real time, as received, and a private, proprietary summary report is available when the study is completed.

We can help frame unambiguous questions that do not lead your participants toward certain answers. For larger studies, we can help you define the required sample, identify and invite participants with characteristics that your study requires. Other questionnaire sites offer templates; we offer personal assistance, custom designs, and efficient accomplishment of your studies. We work with you to help you make your study a success. Click on the Study Examples tab (above) to see examples of several studies using our software, including Real Time Delphi, crowdsourcing and polls.

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