(My) thesis (PhD) went very well due to the Real Time Delphi which was a new methodology very appreciated by the Committee.

I would like to thank you once again for the work we completed together using the RTD. … My research dissertation has been assessed and I am very happy to tell you …. my graduation took place last week.

I was very impressed by the utility of the RTD. So much in fact that I have suggested it as a component of a … grant we are interested in pursuing. Our study is a methodological study exploring the utility of using difference scores between clinical evaluations of physicians and nurses on mental health patients to identify differences in admit diagnoses with concomitant negative impact to clinical care. It’s our position that if the clinical team has discordant perceptions, then clinical care will suffer.

With the RTD method, I was able to collect data on 4 separate specific aims in only 4 weeks. Using a traditional Delphi, this would have meant 4 separate studies each with at least 3 rounds; the protracted timeline would have been costly and the subsequent attrition rate could have been detrimental to my study.

I enjoyed the method of gathering the data and hope that I can use this methodology again for my PhD.

It has been a pleasure to participate with your study

I appreciate this kind of questionnaire. I answered each question with great interest. Thanks for all who worked on this.I hope and recommend :) to prepare such questionnaire about children’s rights and corruption. Thank you again and again…

It was easy and user friendly


This is a very interesting process.  I look forward to participating and offering more detailed comments as I return to the survey.


I thought the system was very easy to use.  Will be interested to see the outcomes of your project!


Impressive system working so easy.


Excellent and very easy to fill. It took me no more than 20 minutes to answer the whole questionnaire.


Powerful system


The system looks very useful and practical to me. It has been very easy and friendly to keep the way to answer all the questions.


This was truly a great exercise to begin the experience with The Millenium Project given its wide range of subjects and issues.


Very nice design, especially like the user-friendly definition of variables and reference information.  Elegant!


As I said before, IMHO this is a very well design survey instrument.  Yes, some of the questions are a bit vague, but the overall effort is first rate!


great questionnaire!


Congratulations.  The questionnaire and the system is working very well.