How We Work

No mater which type of study, typically, a senior staff member will work with a client in the following sequence:

  1. In a preliminary discussion, the client will outline the planned study’s objectives and any special features of the engagement.
  2. A letter will be prepared by the company to outline the assignment, including responsibilities, deliverable documents, fixed price estimates, and schedule.
  3. Upon approval of this cost and schedule estimate and payment of 1/3 of this estimate, the company will, working with the client, help:
    1. Choose the questionnaire format to be employed
    2. Define the size and nature of the respondent pool
    3. Establish the questions to be asked of the respondents to avoid ambiguity to achieve the study’s objectives
  4. The company will then draft an initial on line questionnaire that can reasonably be expected to achieve the study’s objectives; changes to this draft are expected as a result of discussions between the client and the company.
  5. Once the design is in hand it will be tested using a small panel designated by the client. Necessary changes will be incorporated.
  6. Upon receiving approval of the revised draft questionnaire, the company will place it on line so that respondents chosen by the client can access and answer it during its active period.
  7. The company also provides summaries of the responses during the study period and at its conclusion in the form of summary reports, including a complete download of all responses if desired.
  8. The client is responsible for identifying and inviting potential respondents to participate and for communications with respondents during the study.
  9. The client is also responsible for performing final analysis and interpretation of the summary results.