About Global Opinion Studies

Our company helps people design, implement, and analyze on-line quizzes, polls, crowdsource, and Delphi studies. The software, originally developed for the Millennium Project, has been used in studies performed for graduate students, nations, national agencies, corporations, and NGO’s to collect judgments about topics that our clients choose. The topics of past studies have spanned a very large range; recently for example, from nursing to Lone Wolf terrorism. The focus of each study can be on the probability of future events, effectiveness of contemplated policies, or time series forecasts, to name a few. The studies are cooperative efforts with clients defining the topic, objectives, and participants and the company providing access to the software, designing the questionnaires, helping to sharpen the questions, collecting and storing the data, and furnishing in-process and final summaries. The studies are generally proprietary and private and the data are collected and stored on leased servers that are believed to be secure.

The company is private and was formed in Connecticut in 2004 and operates as Ted J Gordon, LLC.


About Ted Gordon

Theodore Jay Gordon is a specialist in forecasting methodology, planning, and policy analysis. He is co-founder and Board member of The Millennium Project, a global think tank. Mr. Gordon started the consulting firm, The Futures Group in 1971. As CEO, his work involved technological innovation and forecasting, the design of analysis methodologies and the development of strategies- particularly strategies that promised to be productive in conditions of high uncertainty. Prior to forming The Futures Group, Mr. Gordon was one of the founders of The Institute for the Future. He performed early research on the Delphi method at RAND Corporation where he co-authored the first large scale Delphi study. Throughout his career he has been at the forefront of development of forecasting and analysis methodology including the Cross Impact Method, Trend Impact Analysis, and the State of the Future Index (SOFI).

He was Regents Professor at the UCLA Graduate School of Business (1968), and a Woodrow Wilson scholar at Bowdoin (1975). He has lectured at many universities in business, planning, innovation, forecasting and engineering. He is the recipient of the Ed Cornish “Futurist of the Year” award and is a recipient of the Shaping Tomorrow Lifetime Achievement Award.